You turned to look at Yamaguchi, his hand wide eyes and red cheeks, you smiled as he looked down and swallowed. You slightly jumped with parted lips after Bokuto smacked your butt then pulled you close to him by your side. As you walked past Yams, he lifted up his hand quickly, only to smack your butt in the process, you gave a small gasp as Yama did the same. "She can't." ), Hii! "Ah." All others before me will be forgotten. You smiled with a head shake as he stared at you, you pecked his cheek then held onto his arm. She gave a nod and said your name before he sat down next to you. One without pain, one without control and one without him. There was a bug on you. Her father was killed by her own people in front of her eyes and she was accused of betraying.Banished from her own pack by the very man she loved, at the mere age of 17. There are some one shots in here as well. "Kyoutani I'm almost done." You pecked Terushima's cheek, he smiled then gave you a smirk and pecked your lips. He moved his hand to my jaw, forcing me to look at him. Kyoutani gave a nod then glanced over to see you backing a away from a guy with a small smile as he smiled back at you. As you walked over to the door and opened it with another yawn, Kuroo smirked and followed behind you. A supernatural world which was only found in childhood tales and stories, had become her reality. Was all I said before I stormed out of there.__________________________After a drunken one night stand with a stranger, Grace Evans wakes up with a note left at her bedside. You made small talk as you tried to unravel an end, Lev followed behind some of his members and gave you a big smile. "You okay?" I'm the only one standing in the way for him. Eirene Water's was left to die in the rogue lands.10 years later ,a choas rises in the werewolf world in the name of Viper.The man in the mask, who was the most wanted criminal.What happens when the werewolf King is hell bound to find this person and kill him?What happens when he almost gets hold of him , to only loose him and instead find.The very girl he banished 10 years ago in his lands, unconscious. Team JohzenjiTerushima You walked down the halls with Yachi, the two of you were on y'all way to the bathroom before returning back to the room the girl's stayed in for the night. Haikyuu bf/gf scenarios, one shots and headcanons, Aye Aye Captain [Haikyuu!Captains x Reader]. But." "Ukai tomorrow's game." Shiratorizawa Academy Tendou You smiled as you stepped into the gym with your friend from Shiratorizawa, you wanted to see Tendou before you and her went to the mall together while Tendou had practice. While you were on your way to the bathroom a group of girls blocked it, you tried to get through but couldn't. He raised an eye brow seeing you look at your phone after you let go of Kenma's arm, making him turn his back to you, as the guy jogged in place. "Come on." You gave a smile and a nod as you laid down your coat on the seat behind you, a couple minutes later as you two made small talk before you felt a tap on your shoulder. Three years of marriage was neither short nor long, yet he did not acknowledge her as Mrs. Ferguson. Yachi gave you a smile as you walked over to her then the two of you walked to locker room. I swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise from my throat. Daichi "Well, I can't stay, I have to go home." Le-." "Oh." You zoned out as Daichi continued to speak, you starred at the counter design and leaned closer to Daichi with sealed lips before a tap hit your shoulder. Filter By. Inspired by TyTy (go check her out btw!). "No like this." Daichi looked back up at the guy then put an arm around your waist. "OtherAkiteru You gave a deep breath once you stepped into the Tournament's gym, you were on your way to the gym part with your team mates before you saw Akiteru. That day, I will be the one who will have the last laugh, he vowed.Lets see, Alpha. You and the guy looked over to see Ukai closing his phone before stepping beside you and putting his hand around your waist as the guy left. "Yes" you nudged him then gave him a peck on the cheek before getting up and stretching. You gave flustered cheeks as he stood next to you with hands behind his back staring up at the ceiling. Haikyuu!! "OtherAkiteru You smiled as you and the girls walked down the halls out of the school, you laughed more after they brought up moments. After all, you deserve all the attention in the world, don't you? He came for me. "Mine." When He Slaps Your Butt When You're Cold When He Sees You Cry (In editing) Random Scenario: When He Gets You Flowers When The Two Of You Fall Asleep Together When He Asks You To Prom How The Two Of You Sleep Together New Character!! "Do you want me to walk you home?" You gave a small yelp and placed your hand on your butt, you had red checks when you turned around, Fukunaga walked past you, behind you and gave you another pop on the other side. #nekoma "Awe, it's okay." - And he hates when the team compliments you too. Once the two of you past by the rest of the team Hinata gave Yamaguchi a thumbs up as Yama gave a blushing grin.Nishinoya "I'll only be a second." "Inouka!" So I know there are many of these but I love this anime so imma do scenarios with them. "Uh huh." The guy took a step back once he looked at Kyoutani glaring at him and you walking towards him, Kyoutani grabbed and held your hand as he watched the guy walk away then pecked your head as he looked back forward to his coach.Shiratorizawa Academy Tendou You smiled as you and one of your friends from Shiratorizawa sat in the bleachers, you came with her to watch Tendou and support her team even though you went to a different school. "You ready?" Stolen kisses, touches and a whole lot of tension. #asahi "Suga! "I'm sorry." Before he could reply, I turned, and walked away from him.Bring it on, Alpha. It's quiet and can be done hands free so it doesn't detract from his work. All Ongoing Completed. Where's my apology?" "Akaashi! "I was about to go turn it into the lost and found. And hurry back." "Argh!" He smirked then walked over to you, he walked past you and when he did he gave you a snack on the butt. She had found herself involved in a world far more precarious than the one she had left behind.It was full of danger, werewolves and magic. She lost her family as well as half of her pack. giving you even more kisses because youre just too precious , cuddling with his head between your thighs, can we watch the movie i told you about?, laying on his chest, you try to look up at him but his phone is in the way, he has been watching stupid videos for a couple of hours now and you were getting bored, when you see him smile a little behind his screen, you take it as ayes to your question, okay then ill go get some snacks, can you search it on netflix?, he doesnt move a muscle, his gaze is fixed on the phone, standing at the end of his bed, you gently tug his foot, he looks a bit disorientated, but nods at you anyway, when you get back, hes in the same position you left him, he doesnt even raise his eyes from the screen, just hums in response, you know what? "Hey come on now." After that Yama walked with the others to the gym, you lifted up the last bag but it was heavy, and when you turned around the other two already walked away. "Now come on (Y/n)! Her brother set her up and sent her to a man when she was 20 years old. please always love yourself <33, pairings: kuroo x reader, daichi x reader, bokuto x reader, a/n: im not gonna say any wordszero words just thoughtsjust thinking, just thinking thoughtshead very full, head fullso many thoughts, head so full (part 2and part 3 here!! Haikyuuties - HAITUS . "Who's that?" "Thank you." Enraged by their betrayal, Gabrielle crashed into their engagement party and drank to her hearts desire. "I know, I was just bored." Welcome to a book of Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios where you the reader (female) get [ rewriting ]FEATURED Once you gotten out of you seat, Noya reached over and gave you a slap on the butt before leaning back to the desk, you gave a small yelp after the light popping sound and looked at Noya, you had red cheeks as he had light pink cheeks when he chuckled and gave you shrugged shoulders. He looks at you with an intense gaze and you can see the anger in his eyes. You blushed and turned around, only too Hinata staring at you along with the other. #hinata "I said you didn't need make up." "Um it's okay I got it." It would be a tense few moments, but you would stand up and thank Kenma for letting you stay with him so late into the night. "I guess so." Fukurodani Academy Bokuto "Okay, okay." ive waited here for more than an hour!, on the verge of tears, you feel tired and frustrated, youre not mad at him because hes late or anything, you just miss your boyfriend, of course hes a busy person, but you wish that he could find a little more time for you, suddenly he cups your face, uncertain if you would have pushed him away, with a lovesick expression, he presses his lips to yours, forgetting all your insecurities, you can only focus on how soft he feels against your mouth, you feel so far lately and i know its my fault, but im just asking you to wait for me, he mumbles in your ear, tightening the hug, taking your hand in his, the two of you start strolling down the street, how can you not know what you want to eat?, because im down for everything, why dont you decide?, its your turn to pick and you never agree with me anyway, he has to bite his tongue, while a fake laugh escapes his lips, i was planning to have it with my family tomorrow, stopping in the middle of the crowded street, he suddenly appears in front of you, tired and hungry, he leans down with a stern look, his tone is harsh and annoyed, which makes you frown, we dont have to eat together if you dont want to, you know?, realizing how severe his gaze is on you, he immediately calms down, he holds your face, bringing you closer and softly kiss you, staring at his lips, you gently pinch his cheek, he pulls you in, claiming your mouth again, how about we go back home and cook something instead?, with the music blasting loudly from the car speakers, you were singing at the top of your lungs, your boyfriend looked at you with a soft smile, before bringing his attention back to the road, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel along with the music, he couldnt have wished for anything better, when he stopped at a red light, you took the opportunity to grab his hand and leave a quick peck on his knuckles, an embarrassed expression spread all over his face, as he cleared his throat, scrolling through your gallery, you spent the night watching some videos you took of oikawa and his nephew takeru, your favourite was the one where your boyfriend taught him how to serve, placing his little hands and feet in the right position, oikawa held the ball to show him where to hit it, every time takeru did a good serve, oikawa ruffled his hair praising him, all fun and games till they started bickering about who was the best volleyball player, with his tongue stuck out, oikawas face contorted into a grimace, while his nephew just looked at him with a stoic expression and his arms crossed, out of nowhere, oikawa pulled takeru over his shoulders, saying that he had to admit that his uncle was the best or he would have dropped him, poor takeru was clinging to oikawas head for dear life, since your childhood youve been criticized and talked down every time you opened your mouth, which made you understand that maybe it was better keeping your thoughts just for yourself, but everything changed when you met kuroo, someone who always listens to you without judgment, he loves spending time with you, watching you open up to him a little more every day, whenever he teased you a little or cracked a joke, you never actually laughed, so he started to write down notes on random pieces of paper and then sliding them in your pockets when you werent paying attention, youve never mentioned them, but he was happy with just the thought of you chuckling at his words even if far from his eyes, when one day, spotting you alone at a lunch table, he saw you smiling at your book, dazzled by such a view, he didnt immediately saw you waving at him, he cautiously walked up to you, afraid to make your smile disappear, getting closer he noticed that it was the exact book in which he slid between the pages a dumb joke that same morning, and you showed him all the old train tickets and receipts he gave you, held together by a paperclip, going through them, you read out loud your favourite ones with a smile getting bigger and bigger at each word, with a lovesick gaze fixed on you, he couldnt do anything other than smile as well, being raised to be respectful and collected, you were immediately branded as the quiet kid, your parents always told you to speak only when you were asked to and to guard your emotions for your own protection, so no, you never told bokuto that you like him, but little did you know he fell for you as well, fascinated by how your kindness could brighten up his day immediately, when he entered the classroom, a burning sensation started to grow inside your chest, that day was particularly cold and it was snowing from the night before, he was covered in snow, his face buried in a big scarf, and when he lifted it up, you saw his cheeks and the tip of his nose being so red, shaking his head, he let the snow on his hat fall all around him, with his teeth chattering, he started to rub his hands together, hopping on the spot, he looked so small in that puffy jacket of his, meeting your gaze, his eyes sparkled so brightly, drawn by your giggle, he quickly came to you, a shiver ran down your spine, when he suddenly grabbed your hands in his freezing ones, you nodded, while your lips were still curled up in the sweetest smile ever, and he really thought he wouldnt have seen anything prettier than the snow that day, in your previous relationship your partner always told you that your laugh was annoying, so you ended up to just stop smiling at all, did atsumu make his mission to get you to smile? "Hey there Button." Kiyoko gave a small chuckle as you sighed and walked into the court, you picked up an ended only to be greeted by a young guy picking up the same end as you. You took a step back with a narrowed eyes. You glanced over to see a young guy about your age coming over to you with a Team Aobajosai fan jacket on. "Akaashi? "Will that be it?" Bokuto came into the gym and immediately went over to you and lifted up his eyebrow. He chuckled then pecked the top of your head as you released him. "Did you smack my butt?" Enjoy . You gave a small help and turned red after your butt been popped. Kenma looked down then back up, he tried to say your name to get your attention but you kept talking to yourself about what to do. You blushed more and gave a head shake as you watched him walk down the hall with his hands in his pockets as you shut the door and laughed. You blushed after he kissed your hand and pulled up a strand of your hair after you yawn. I was losing this battle. "Thanks but I have to go." he kisses your forehead and just drops on your bed with a deep sigh, hey beautiful, can we cuddle for a bit or are you busy?, quickly you put the book you were holding down on your nightstand, and sit up with your back against the headboard, patting the empty space between your legs, he lies down, using your soft thighs as a pillow, chuckling, you watch him closing his eyes with a smirk, you ask him, starting to massage his temples, he can only think about how gentle your touch is on his skin, and the weight on his shoulders starts to lighten up, nothing special, ive just missed you so much. #aoba "Come on." "I love you too bumpkin." When Kenma had first texted him about you that night, Kuroo assumed you had found your way to Kenma's dorm. "Nope, not one bit. "Bo-" Bokuto picked you up and spun you around before holding you close to his chest. I promise you, the day will come when you will beg for my love. You smiled and placed your hand over his mouth only for him to kiss it it before kissing your cheek. Look, I think you're really pretty." samantha ponder house, henry jennings obituary,